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ChatGPT Vs Google Bard: Which One is Better AI-Chatbot in 2023?

ChatGPT Vs Google Bard

Elon Musk was completely right when he said “AI is far more dangerous than we think”. But can AI outsmart humans? In the last few months, we have seen the hype around Artificial Intelligence and AI-based tools. For the last few months ChatGPT was the reigning chatbot, however, with Google Bard, the reigning position is at the stir. And that is why it makes much sense to talk about ChatGPT vs Google Bard, which is a better AI chatbot, and what each has to offer.

Notably, the biggest battle between the two Big Techs ChatGPT and Google Bard has already started, and we can’t help but elaborate on this. ChatGPT is a Natural Language Processing Model backed by Microsoft, ChatGPT by OpenAI has already opened immense opportunities in generative AI. Alternatively, Google launched its chatbot Google Bard, which is a strong competitor for ChatGPT. Currently, Google Bard is available to selective users, and we are one of the fortunate ones to get access to it. And thus we have decided to run a quick comparison on ChatGPT and Google Bard. Also, if you want to create your own AI-based chatbot, you must associate with a good iot development company for the best outcomes.

So if you are looking for a comparison between the AI chatbots of two tech giants, then we have a comprehensive discussion. So let’s get started.

ChatGPT Vs. Google Bard With A Quick Look


Overall, ChatGPT and Bard are chatbots that use Natural Language Processing. NLP assists and makes it possible for machines to process and understand human behavior and language, which allows them to perform repetitive tasks, such as predictive analysis, simple reasoning and so on.

Here are some major differences that come down to the language models both have been trained on.

  • Google Bard uses Google’s Language for Dialogue Application, which is mainly designed to provide answers depending on real-time, and data available on the internet.
  • On the other hand, ChatGPT uses its GPT3 or GPT4 model, based on the version you are using. The main thing to note here is ChatGPT is trained based on data till 2021.

ChatGPT At a Glance

Launched on November 30, 2022, by San Francisco-based company OpenAI, ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot that works on the GPT3/GPT4 language model. The same model has been used to train ChatGPT. It uses this language model to generate responses to user queries. The AI-based chatbot i.e. ChatGPT uses machine learning to give responses and feedback naturally and conversationally. As per the ChatGPT team, within the first two months of its launch, it gained more than 100 million users and has more than 13 million daily visitors.

Major Applications of ChatGPT

Here are some of the major applications of ChatGPT:

  • Customer/Product Services

ChatGPT has been trained to provide quick responses which are based on Machine Learning. It can respond to frequently asked questions from customers, or product-related queries, like shipping charges, return or refund policies, and technical support. ChatGPT can reduce the task for the customer support team, while relatively improving the response time by providing immediate and precise answers. You can connect with chatgpt development company for application development.

Additionally, ChatGPT can also understand client data and customer behaviour and provide personalised product suggestions and provide recommendations. Offering customized product suggestions can help in boosting sales and generate ROI.

Also, daily tasks can be smoothly managed by ChatGPT. This includes making appointments, booking reservations, and processing transactions. One of the major use cases of ChatGPT is that it can automate business processes, allowing customer support teams to focus on more complex and time-consuming tasks.

  • Create Content

Again, ChatGPT is a great tool which provides summaries of long articles, or posts, based on the data and information it has been trained on. It can create a summary of the original content, based on the most critical points mentioned in the passage. It can also elaborate and highlight critical information in the given text.

Also, it is possible to instruct and tutor ChatGPT and create content that is free from grammatical mistakes and has correct information. It is useful in creating content that needs to have a specific tone and format, such as technical writing, email copy, social media posts, and so on.

By determining user behavior and predilection, ChatGPT can create content for particular users. One can give their customer a more personalized experience by creating content that is to the point and more user specific.

  • Translate Text to Various Languages

ChatGPT can be trained to translate the content into different languages. That is real-time chat interactions, documents, and other related content, which can be translated using it. Also, ChatGPT can be used to improve the quality of machine translation systems, which will result in improved translations.

Also, it can be useful in translating text in multiple languages, which can be useful in translating user queries, and comments in real time.

  • Educate, Learn, & Analyze

By analysing user behaviour and their preferences, ChatGPT can be used to provide users with a customized learning experience. ChatGPT can help with research and analysis, and provide students with valuable information and data to carry out their research process.

ChatGPT makes it easier for users to find important material, important information and facts. Students that require access to a lot of information, may find it useful in so many ways. It can also help students find feedback on written assignments, theses, or essays.

Google Bard At a Glance

Launched on March 21, 2023, by Google, Bard is an experimental language model, set as a direct competitor of ChatGPT. It is designed on Google’s AI language model, BERT. In order to understand the natural language processing tasks, such as answering queries, understanding points of view, and translating languages. The language model for dialogue applications (LaMDA), is a lightweight model that powers Bard.

Bard uses this technology to provide answers to the users. At present Bard is in its beta testing phase, where it gains information in a clear way instead of SERPs but with links to provide more information to the users.

Here are some of the use cases of Bard that you are most likely to witness in the upcoming days:

  • Write Content

Google Bard generates creative content, by adding phrases, words, and theme suggestions, which provides content writers with creative ways to create content. Bard can also examine the content and provide comments on writing style, and tone structure, and assist writers to create valuable content. Google Bard can also provide suggestions, synonyms, related words, and different suggestions for phrasing.

  • Automation

Bard uses Google AI to carry out different types of tasks automatically, like booking a flight, making reservations at a restaurant, or booking a travel package. Using this chatbot Google is expected to buy things for the users, and also search for them.

  • Custom AI Assistance

Google Bard is designed to help users manage their time effectively. It also makes sure the user doesn’t miss an important task, or even miss an appointment.

ChatGPT Vs. Google Bard: Major Differences

Now that you have an idea about ChatGPT as well as Google Bard, it is time we discuss ChatGPTand Google Bard. While both chatbots have their features, and capabilities, there are few major differences between the two.

  • Coding Efficiency

One of the major ways most users have been utilizing ChatGPT is by having it code for them. The AI chatbot is highly proficient in writing simple as well as complex codes for users. In fact, people have already built games and much more using codes generated by ChatGPT.

On the other hand, Google Bard, as of now cannot write code. This has been mentioned by Bard, which says that as of now, it cannot code.
Thus, in this case, ChatGPT is certainly better than Bard.

  • Several Answers

One thing with ChatGPT is that whenever you ask it for an answer, it gives a single response, and you have to ask it again for more details. The chatbot is capable of providing different variations to the answer, but it requires user input time and again, which can be quite annoying to deal with.

Google Bard provides AI-based different versions of the same answer. This is saved as drafts, which users can select at any given time, which is the response that best suits the question. Users can choose any response, and even mix them to come up with the best answer.

This is one of the major differences between ChatGPT vs. Google Bard, as one single response may not always be the best or the most accurate one.

  • Conversation Retention

These days most chatbots are based upon this feature. Conversation retention means that the chatbot will examine and understand the previous conversation between the users, to understand. So, if you ask the bot a specific query, it can provide a new response based on previous queries by the users.

ChatGPT possesses some level of conversation retention. It can remember nearly 3000 words from the previous conversation. However, it cannot create a response based upon it but is good at having a natural flow of conversation.

On the other hand, Google Bard is not good at holding conversations. In fact, Google has stated that its ability to hold a conversation is currently restricted.

So the ones looking for conversation retention, ChatGPT vs Google Bard, chatGPT is the winner.

  • Internet Access

One of the major concerns about ChatGPT is that it does not have internet access. Even with the GPT4 model, it does not have access to the information after September 2021, which is a major point of concern.

While Google Bard has access to factual real-time data, which makes it a better option than the other. Just like any other search engine, AI-based Chatbot Bard can look up information in real-time, and provide answers that are based on this data.

ChatGPT Vs. Google Bard: Major Differences

Google Bard
Developed By
ChatGPT is developed and trained by OpenAI. Google Bard is developed and trained by Google.
Training & Learning
ChatGPT was trained on huge data available on the internet through GPT3/ GPT4 model. Google Bard was trained on Infiniset, data that focuses on conversation through LaMDA.
Informational Response
It provides answers based upon information up to September, 2021 It looks into basic search results to provide real-time answers.
User Experience
ChatGPT generated content may look cluttered. Bard offers a better user experience and interface.
Content Generation
ChatGPT is better at textual writing like creating emails, giving content marketing ideas etc. Bard is good at providing real-time data.

Conclusion: Which one is Better, ChatGPT or Google Bard?

When we talk about ChatGPT vs Google Bard there are endless possibilities. Both companies are profound and are determined to evolve through innovation. ChatGPT has already established its name as an AI chatbot. With millions of users within just a few months of its launch. While Google Bard has risen the storm by being a touch competitor for already launched ChatGPT. Here is tutorial on how to build chatgpt plugin?

Thus it will be interesting to see what both can provide to the users and how each evolves in the upcoming time. As discussed above, both have their features and limitations. However, the most interesting thing is both ways AI is going to leave an impeccable impact in the tech world.