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Full Stack Development

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Why Hire Us?

Why Choose Our Full Stack Development Services?

At SofSter we offer a plethora of full stack web development services that offer cutting edge to all kinds of business. We endow businesses with flexible engagement models based upon their requirements. Our full stack developers have the right knowledge and experience to deliver robust web applications that help you unfold new possibilities for your business.


Agile Method of Working

App development is highly time-consuming but our full-stack developers use an exclusive proactive approach using agile methodologies to discover, plan our client’s app development process, and deliver results on time. Our full-stack development services offer several advantages like high scalability, together with accelerated outputs.


Code Standards Compliance

Our full stack developers adhere to coding standards to make sure that your code is compliant, understandable, and secure. Adhering to a coding standard is crucial, and takes up resources. We make sure to utilize the right tools and experienced team to review the code and enforce coding standards.


Full Stack Development Library

Our full stack developers have complete knowledge and skills required for front end and back end technologies, tools and services, and combining all these skills to build programs and applications fully. Our team is fully equipped with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and front end frameworks like React, Angular, Redux, Bootstrap, and back end libraries like Node.js, and Express.js.

Tech Stack

Our Full Stack Development Technology

mern stack technology


MERN Stack

There are variations to the MEAN stack such as the MERN stack (where React.js replaces Angular.js). The technology utilizes a stack of tools to develop web applications.
  • M- MongoDB (document database) 
  • E- Express.js (Node.js web framework)
  • R- React.js (a client-side JavaScript Framework)
  • N- (Node.js) is used to run JavaScript


MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack is the use of the JavaScript framework to develop web applications. Thus, from client to the server, and from the server to the database, everything is based upon JavaScript. We use the MEAN full-stack development toolkit to develop and deliver rapid and robust web applications.
  • M- MongoDB (document database)
  • E- Express.js (Node.js framework) 
  • A- Angular.js (a client-side JavaScript framework)
  • N- Node.js (the premier JavaScript web server)

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Frequently Asked Questions for Full Stack Development Services

Want to know more about our full stack development services or have any doubts? Check out our FAQs section here.

Still have a questions

We ensure to employ some of the best full stack developers out there. That is why when you hire a full stack developer from us or associate with full stack development, you get the best results in the business.

We ensure the team or the developer that will be working on your project has a good amount of experience in full-stack development. Here is the technology stack that they would be using while working on your application:

  • Front-end development: Angular.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, Nextjs. MaterialUI, Redux, and ReactJS.
  • Back-end development: ExpressJS, NodeJS
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL

Undoubtedly, choosing the right full stack developer can be quite intimidating at times. That is why we always recommend checking the company’s clientele and case studies before hiring them. Here are a few things to go with:

  • Find out their current clients and customer history.
  • Check out their full stack development platform compatibility and experience. 

Look for channels where you can easily communicate with them. 

We always make sure to understand the project requirements at first, next we assign a skilled, and experienced developer that best fits that specific project. If required, you can communicate with us and then see how things work. 

Well, various factors determine the answer to this question. While the development process can take about 1-4 weeks, based upon your application requirements. However, we always work out to deliver the results that meet up with our client’s timeline. Many times, we’ve also delivered projects before the timelines, but then again it is all based upon the client’s needs.

Our full stack developers have years of experience in the field and have the required skills to deliver the best results in all stages of software development. This includes front-end, back-end, and databases. 

  • Full-stack web hosting & integration
  • Full-stack web and application development
  • Full-stack SaaS application development
  • Full-stack eCommerce & CMS development
  • Migration and porting to full-stack
  • API development & more

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