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Build powerful, responsive, and interactive solutions with our custom Angular development services. We provide interactive and user-friendly Angular web solutions that meet the highest standards. Our expert Angular developers have the knowledge and skills to provide top-tier solutions that are built using the finest resources and tools to deliver bespoke Angular development solutions for all kinds of businesses.

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Angular Development Company

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Angular is an open-source javascript framework written in Typescript built by Google. It is mainly used to build single-page applications, while also giving a standard structure for thedevelopers to work with. Our Angular development company utilises Angular as a part of MEAN stack development and provides end-to-end Angular development solutions. Our Angular developers provide custom web solutions, by gauging individual business requirements at affordable cost. We build interactive UI/UX design and follow agile development techniques to cater to the project requirements.As a leading Angularjs development company, we will help you with reliable, scalable, andhighly secure web applications. So, with our Angularjs development services, you can levelup your business and gain a competitive edge like never before.

  • Create an exceptional user experience
  • Build responsive web solutions
  • Deliver your user high-performing scalable web apps
  • Custom web Angularjs development solutions that meet your business goals

Our Angular Development Services for Your Business

As a leading Angularjs development company, we strive to deliver high-quality web applications, single-page applications, and other solutions that are user-friendly and havehigh performance. Our Angular developers apply dynamic solutions to build interactive,scalable, and reliable results for your business. Here are our top-rated Angular developmentservices for your business:

Angular Web Development

We offer top Angular web development services that cater to your business requirements.Our designs are not just engaging but also meet industry-leading standards. Our Angular developers follow an agile development process to meet the specific project requirements and provide custom Angular web applications. Utilising the latest technologies and tools, wedeliver safe, reliable, feature-rich, and user-friendly web development solutions.

Single-Page Application Development

We utilise the Angularjs framework to build interactive single-page applications (SPAs) for the web. Our SPA web solutions perform exceptionally well on search engines, helping you build a good digital space for your business. Hire our Angular developers to create interactive, user-friendly, feature-rich single-page applications.

Angular Cross-Platform Development

Our developers have experience in developing smooth, faster, and feature-rich cross-platform applications using Angularjs. We have an experienced team of developers who are skilled at developing web applications that perform extremely well on different operating systems. We guarantee seamless functionality of the applications across different platforms.

API Development and Integration

Our solutions provide business-centric and highly scalable Angular API development services to interact with the backend and enhance responsiveness. Our API development services provide powerful architecture and secure custom web applications. Our integrationprovides a rich user experience, code maintenance, and responsiveness

Custom Angular UI/UX

We provide custom Angular UI/UX designs that are highly interactive, and user-friendly. We aim to provide solutions that are highly responsive solutions that enhance user navigation. Use our custom UI/UX designs with reusable and simplified code, templates, plugins, and dynamic UI which aims to provide a great user experience.

AngularJS Migration Services

Do you want to migrate your project to the latest Angularjs version? As a top Angular development company, we can help you with the Angularjs migration. We can help businesses upgrade or migrate applications with our bespoke solutions

UI Bootstrap with Angular

Our Angular developers are highly skilled and efficient in providing top-grade Angular development services to businesses of all kinds and sizes. Our developers have in-depth knowledge and skills in providing custom web front-end solutions using Angular UI Bootstrap components.

Angular Consultation Services

We have a complete Angularjs consultation services team who have comprehensive knowledge to understand your idea and provide the right solutions for it. The consulting team has deep knowledge of architecture, understands your business needs, and target audience and provides the best development solutions and leverages the most from Angular web solutions.

Why Angularjs for Web Solutions?

The Angular framework is a part of MEAN stack development and is considered one of the best frontend frameworks to build dynamic and interactive web applications. Notably,Angularjs is the most preferred framework to develop complex web applications. It uses component-based architecture, two-way binding, code splitting, declarative templates,command line tools, and more to build highly interactive web elements.If you are looking for Angularjs development services, then here are some of the things you can expect by using the Angular framework:

Visually Appealing
Responsive designs
Reusable & testable code
Faster development
Lightweight web apps
Excellent material design library

Our Process for Angular Development

We follow a fully-featured Angular web application development process to deliver our clients the best business solutions. Thus we make sure at each development phase the web apps work seamlessly. Hence our Angular developers follow this standardized process to deliver the highest Angular development solutions.

Gather Requirements

Understand your project, and user needs, define the scope of the project, fix suitable technologies, and create a proposal.

Design Wireframes & Prototypes

Create interactive UI design that is user-friendly and works for the web and cross platforms or as needed.


Our Angular developers start with the programming, create frontend and backend, design the database, and work on the requirements.

Testing & QA

Find the test types, create test cases, test usability and performance, check security and compliance, and final bug testing.

Deployment & Maintenance

Lastly, deploy the project on the server and make it live. Examine user response, create feedback, and work on maintenance plans, and version updates.

Why Choose Us for Angular Development Solutions?

SofSter is a leading Angularjs development company with years of experience in providing interactive Angular web solutions to startups, and enterprises. Hire our Angularjs developers to build custom web applications that are feature-rich, scalable, and secure. We provide our clients with the flexibility of choosing their team and provide highly competitive pricing. Besides, our wide range of Angularjs development services is ever-growing and continuously evolving with the demand for dynamic web applications. We follow a standardized process and utilise tools that provide the best outcomes with no matter your business requirements. Besides having a decade of experience in Angular web development services, here are some more reasons why you need to choose our company:

Hire Skilled & Experienced Team
Dedicated Angular Developers
100% Transparency
Agile/Scrum Techniques
100% Quality & Security
Competitive Pricing
On-Time Delivery
Technical Suppor

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Where is Angular used?

Developing Angular applications requires Typescript which is a subset of javascript, CSS,HTML and so on. Angular is mainly used in progressive apps, single-page applications,social media and chattings apps, e-commerce apps, server-side referred apps, and more

Q. What are the benefits of using AngularJS??

The major benefits of using angular are code organisation, two-way data binding,dependency injection, code reusability, and custom components.

Q. What is the purpose of using Angular for web development?

Angular is a structured framework known for building dynamic web apps. It allows you to use HTML as a template language as well as extend HTML syntax to indicate the app’s components clearly and concisely. Also, Angular’s features like dependency injection and data binding put an end to much of the code which otherwise needs to be written

Q. What are some of the features of Angular?

Because of Angular features it is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used in web application development. Here are some of the be
st features of Angular:

  • No browser specific
  • Code less
  • Speed and performance
  • Routing
  • Dependency injection
  • Data binding
  • Architecture
  • Directives
Q.How much time will it take in Angular web development?

Truly, there is no certain timeline for a project as it all depends upon your business requirements. However, most of the time, a web development project takes around 1- 2 months, based on the level of customization, features, functionalities, and other requirements. Get in touch with our team for the custom timeline.