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We are a leading Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation app development company that helps you build browser-based solutions with intuitive Graphic User Interfaces. Our WPF developers offer a consistent programming model to build applications for all kinds of industries and different processes. At SofSter we have industry experience in designing and developing several projects based upon WPF. 


Agile Approach

Our WPF developers follow an agile methodology that encourages continuous iteration of development and testing through the development process involved in the project. It involves a simple and effective process to turn a vision into a software solution. We encourage flexible responses to change.


Complete Technical Competency

We utilize high-quality coding standards and the fastest innovation which is strong and uncompromised in meeting up best client requirements for all kinds of WPF based desktop applications. Our WPF developers provide advancement to your business through planning, designing, QA, testing, and support.


An Ecosystem of WPF Development

SofSter provides expert level highly advanced WPF development services. Our developers have experience in WPF development projects. We believe in providing top-notch results to our customers through skills, experience, transparency, and meeting up customers expectations. Our WPF developers have worked in various applications and are well-informed with technology like MVVM, Uni Testing, C#.

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Best Practices We Follow to Deploy to Deliver WPF Development Services

Hire our WPF developers to meet up personalized business requirements, with robust, dynamic, and customized WPF solutions. Through WPV development practices, rigorous, and uncompromised testing and quality checks, we deliver the best results to our clients. Our developers use state-of-the-art technology and are proficient in Windows Presentation Foundation.

Our WPF developers make use of the TDD development approach which is followed by coding, testing, and design (refactoring). Through the TDD approach, we can offer improved design quality in the code, and significantly better code quality and drive positive results.

We follow the highest coding standards that are followed by strict coding rules, guidelines, and best practices. We comply with the industry standards and follow consistent coded quality- no matter who writes the code to ensure safety and reliability.

Code Evaluation

The code is reviewed times by the team who has experience of more than 10+ years in coding. The review is done to check in the errors, coding mistakes, and accelerate the process of development. Our team of WPF developers follow agile approaches to review the code. 

updates and improvements

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are the processes where the development team is involved in repeated code changes, which enables transparency and foresightedness in the development process. The code is then delivered swiftly and seamlessly as part of the CD process.

WPF Components

Explore WPF Development

WPF Apps have gained immense popularity in all major industries, and almost every business has rapidly taken over the technology. WPF development makes it easier and faster to develop multifunctional apps with an enhanced interface. Our WPF developers are well-aware of the potential of WPF development and applications that can be brought alive.

WPF Components Development

Develop custom-built components for WPF applications that provide better user interface engagement and great quality performance. Moreover, quick information sharing also ensures better decisions and faster results.

one way data biding

WPF Performance Optimization

Match the user expectations with WPF apps development which is built with a faster WPF optimization, incorporating WPF in UI design. Combining rich internet applications with WPF.
cross platform

WPF UI/UX Development

WPF development framework for enhanced UI/UX to adapt each component of UI by editing existing XAML. The XAML declarative programming provides a user-friendly interface.

WPF Graphics Development

Render assembled a window layout that allows us to build applications with amazing graphics as needed by the businesses. Seamless graphics along with better performance along with hardware acceleration.


Why Use WPF for Desktop App Development?

WPF is an essential part of the .NET framework for a stable programming model. It is used to build Windows client browser-hosted independent applications with a seamless and intuitive interface. Our WPF apps development services focus on handling end-to-end app development processes. There is a reason why we choose WPF development.


Screen Resolution Agnostic

This is one of the main reasons to use WPF development as it can even run on low resolution. Therefore, application development is quick and easy when it comes to screen resolutions.


Stunning Graphics

In WPF development the 3D element shows the images in 3D like Window which creates quite an impressive, and visually appealing experience. Besides, it provides quite an interactive user experience as well.



With Windows as API, the WPF development comes with interoperability. It focuses on inserting controls, in other imperative situations. It allows unrestrictedly sharing of resources.


Data Binding

WPF framework smoothes the synchronization process UI elements with specific data sources. As a result, it facilitates seamless communication and quick rendering of changes. Easily get connected to your business logic with XAML properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions for WPF Development

Do you want to know more about WPF development or WPF based apps? Read our FAQs sections for more information.

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Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is immensely used to build desktop-based applications. Using this framework one can build interactive desktop apps that support an amazing set of features like data binding, GUI, resources, layout, security and much more. It has enhanced the app development process with rich UI and support for animations.

Need WPF development services for your upcoming project? Here are some of the reasons why you must choose us:

  • Highly Efficient Team for Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Powerful, Dynamic, and Interactive WPF app solutions
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Strict Compliance and Quality Checks
  • Result-Driven Deliverables with agile techniques
  • Experts in decoding and resolving errors

There are many benefits that you can attain by utilizing WPF development:

  • The fascinating animation model support animation features
  • Endless possibilities to create your custom UI controls
  • Can reuse the code
  • Highly effective possibilities of data binding in controls
  • It provides flexibility by using effective control creations and reusability features

The WPF development follows multi-layer architecture which mostly has three layers:

  • The layer which is managed by WPF
  • The layer which is not managed by WPF 
  • Core operating system element

MVVM stands for Model-View-ViewModel which is a software design pattern that is structured to segregate the program logic and user interface control.

Model- It refers to the set of classes that represent the data received from databases.

View- It refers to the visual representation of the data that is received.

ViewModel- In this layer the View and the Model are binded together, It shows the data which is easier to understand, and controls the interaction of the View with the application.

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