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Have it in your head, have it on your website – this is what TemplateToaster is all about.

Toast a high-end theme template by just dragging and dropping web-design elements of your choice. With this .Net based windows application even a non-programmer can create a stunning website theme within minutes regardless of the CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla or HTML5)!

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Drag & Drop Website Builder

Yes, it always sounded too good to be true and that’s why we created it! Designing a complete and responsive theme from ‘scratch’ including all necessary theme and CMS files only needs a few drags and drops here and there of desired website elements.

Create Dazzling Slideshows

Slideshows are the mastheads of your website and designing sliders is tricky especially when you are required to dabble with all the animations, transitions and timings. Well, here you pick a design, click your mouse a few times and voila! You have your dazzling slideshow.

Build Professional Menus Easily

A custom menu for a custom theme, one that is as appealing as it is functional can sometimes be mind-jumbling. Whoever said you need to be a pro to build a professional menu, clearly hasn’t worked on TemplateToaster and used its Menu Builder feature.

Social Media Integration

This is another feature that has established TemplateToaster as one of the leading products in the web design niche – seamless and hassle-free integration of social media channels on all or assorted website pages. Choose the channel, metrics to display and incorporate them with pages.

CSS Generator Software


The simplicity of WYSIWYG, the efficiency of hand coding – generate and stylize CSS files on desktop

Work in BootEditor’s clean & simplified UI to create Boostrap Stylesheets on its template code. Visualize each change as you make it in the theme and check instantly if it gels with the final output. – a Bootstrap customizer cannot get any more WYSIWYG than BootEditor!

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Laid-back Installation

Installing BootEditor is a piece of a cake – just download the software and click install and start designing with Bootstrap themes which can be used instantly or saved in between for future editing. You will never need an expert for customizing Bootstrap files!

Effortless Customization

Create and customize CSS files of a theme using Bootstrap’s default Template code and turn it into a beautiful, unique theme. Change multiple design elements ranging from the most obvious ones, like the base colours, to complete rebranding, like stylizing the shadow of the typography.

Bootstrap 4 Compatible

BootEditor was built with Bootstrap at its base and hence, it works on the readily available Bootstrap Template allowing you to make changes via GUI. With frequent iterations and versions, it will always be updated and in the front row of all tech developments.

Industry Standard Output

Once you are done swapping and rearranging the front-end design elements and satisfied with the final output, you can export it as the final CSS file in one clean click. Change your mind? Re-edit them easily as all files come with .bootedit extension.

WordPress Website Platform


Select, Set up, Start – Give your biz an instant boost with a ready-to-use, striking WordPress website

At SiteOre, we can give your business a highly professional web presence with a design and functionality, and get it up and running within a few hours. With a small investment of $59, you’ll receive complete set up, installation, configuration and full tech support.

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Search Engine Friendly

All websites configured through SiteOre come pre-optimized for all search engines complete with meta and alt tags, SEO keywords and headers so that you don’t have to look for any professional help. Not only that, your website will be compatible with all the modern browsers.

Gorgeous Designs

SiteOre is a bank of assorted splendid designs from which you can select the one that meets your criteria perfectly. Even if there are a few areas that you’d like to be modified, we’ll gladly do them for you and bring your masterpiece to life.

Quick Setup

Once everything is finalized, we’ll set up your domain and hosting with the design, business emails and other modifications. Else, you can purchase them at SiteOre too. Then, you receive the details to login and upload website content even without any tech know-how.

Responsive Design

Your website will automatically adjust to all screen sizes and devices which does away the need for a separate development cost to make it responsive. Irrespective of the device or browser, all websites are built to load at lightning speed by default.

We speak the language our clients understand and live where they do.