Our Journey

Our Journey

We have come a long way to make What Sofster is Today


“Every history has a beginning”. Our story begins in 2009, with the birth of SofSter “Developing Unique”. It all started with two like-minded friends breaking fresh and deciding to come up – in for a penny, in for a pound. Passion for technology is what led them to boil the ocean which took the shape of TemplateToaster.


Time to give it a whirl! – SofSter sets its first physical workspace in Chandigarh. In the fast lane, the team extended to 9 members to step up the game and bring innovative technology solutions to the world.


The best thing since sliced bread – The first version of TemplateToaster releases and instantly becomes a big hit. Cut to the chase the team starts working on software’s upcoming versions and upgrades. We also widened web and graphics designing services to the customers as after-sales support.


Looking to the laurels, more team members join SofSter and move to a bigger, beautiful, and staggering office space in the same neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Version 2 of TemplateToaster releases with a highly revamped user interface, performance improvement, and support for popular frameworks Bootstrap, Prestashop, WordPress, and much more.


The entire team is on cloud nine as TemplateToaster crosses 1,00,000 downloads. Meantime Version 5 of TemplateToaster is released with minor UI improvements and bug fixes. For good measures, new services – Digital Marketing and SEO are also added to the portfolio. On popular demand, TemplateToaster gets a big update with version 6.


Besides with joy SofSter shifts to Mohali in a new, custom-designed with a well-built squad of 30 members. SiteOre takes its prominence and receives a worldwide nod. Meanwhile, ambitious project BootEditor moves from the ideation stage to Scrum prints.


Version 6 and Version 7 of TemplateToaster are released with improvements and minor bug fixes. The online version of TemplateToaster is also released.


The team starts working on the upcoming herculean project “DefiniteSEO’- which is a powerful large spaced platform for Digital Marketers and SEO experts.


The world is hit hard by the pandemic – we combat this by making the best use of work from home and productive collaborations. But every cloud has a silver lining – the team is back with daily commuting- SiteOre release is on the way, DefiniteSEO is halfway through the development, and TemplateToaster version 8 is released.