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Can AI Write Code Like Humans?

can ai write code like humans

If I was to ask what is the most emerging technology so far? Or what technology has the potential to revolutionize the way everything works around us? Then I would say it is ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

Truly, AI has come a long way, from driving cars to writing songs, recognizing faces, playing games, and so much more. However, the most significant impact of Artificial Intelligence has to be its ability and proficiency in completing and automating tasks. And this also includes writing code. But can AI write code like humans? Well, many AI tools and ai application development company can help you write code. But are they as efficient as humans? Can AI replace humans in programming? Is there any kind of human intervention needed to write code with AI? Well, let’s start with this discussion.

In particular, AI has made a significant impact in almost every field and industry. As a matter of fact, in 2022 AI reached a global market size of $119.72 billion and is expected to reach $1591.03 billion by 2030. In fact, most enterprises and startups are investing their venture in iot development company to come up with on-deck bespoke solutions that can replace humans.

Artificial Intelligence for Writing Code

Writing code and programming with Artificial Intelligence lets it make decisions on its own. AI can use Natural Language Processing (NLP), rule-based systems, artificial neural networks, and fuzzy logic systems to write programs.

With the help of neural networks computers are now able to learn and develop different skills by going through huge amounts of data and information. For example, by analyzing historical data, AI can predict future events.

One of the best developments in Natural Language Processing is the advent of the Large Language Model (LLM) which is built around a huge database. Some of the most popular LLMs include GPT-Neo, GPT-J, Megatron-Turing NLG, BERT, GPT3, GPT4, and others. With these models, it is possible to generate content, translate languages, and even write code.

Besides, Machine Learning (ML) is also used to write code. ML is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which again uses data to understand and learn and enhance its performance through more information. This is to say, as ML is given more data, it gets better at writing code. Having said that, all of these methods are still at an early stage of development and are not extensively accepted by programmers yet.

Can AI be Used to Write Programs Like Humans?

There is no black-and-white answer to this question, as of now. Mainly it is because AI itself runs on programs which are a series of codes that work in combination to come up with desired results.
Again AI is pretty good at processing syntax, and detecting grammatical errors, but it tussles with variations of coding. For example, in coding one must make decisions that need to be defined in the problem statement. Although it can recognize the problem statement, it fails to make the reasoning or supposition as humans, because it lacks judgement or basic sense.
This means that AI can easily understand what the program needs to do, but struggles to find the best ways to do so.
Having said that, many big names in AI believe that by the end of 2023, AI will be able to write codes as well as humans, or even better. However, it is still a far-fetched thing to believe that AI can write complex codes.

Researchers and scientists have spent years working on machines that can work and think like humans. This has led to many advancements in AI and software development. Thus we can say that AI has certainly come a long way, and does have a promising future.

Is AI Useful in Writing Its Code?

With the amount of work and investment done on Artificial Intelligence, there has been growing interest as well as speculation on its abilities to take over humans. Again, the most debatable one is whether AI can write code.

Notably, ever since its inception, AI is getting better, so there are high chances AI will be able to write code just like humans. As AI uncovers more codes, it will eventually learn to identify and understand better and eventually write better codes.

However, until now, there is no such AI that can write code as well as humans. And we still have to wait to find out whether AI can beat humans in writing better codes.

Is AI Good At Writing Programs?

Truly, we can say that at some point from now, AI will be able to learn and understand codes as well as humans, and that is when we can say AI will be able to write new programs. However, many argue that this isn’t possible as coding does require some kind of human intervention.

But what the truth is, we need to wait a little bit more to find that out. However, based on recent developments AI can replicate the complexities of human cognition. This is because AI can only work if provided with the code database.

So, whether or not AI can write programs is still a grey zone as the technology is still new and requires a lot of advancements. Having said that, there are some AI tools or programs that write code in different programming languages. However, its accuracy is still questionable. And it does require manual testing and correction at times.

Is AI a Threat to Developers or Programmers?

Precisely, No! AI cannot replace developers or programmers or take away their jobs. This is because Artificial Intelligence can only perform tasks or jobs it has been trained on. Thus, a software developer or a software development company can use AI to automate routine and mundane tasks. Thus it can help in getting things done faster, but that also means AI cannot completely take over developers’ jobs.
Rather, AI will be useful in assisting the developers, in finding bugs, testing codes, and optimizing the code for quality. In fact AI can also be used to embed broken codes. Again, there are many other ways AI can be used to ease the tasks of a programmer.

Notably, this is to say that Artificial Intelligence for software development is going to expand with time. So if you are a developer or a programmer then learning about AI technology and developing skills for it is necessary.

Top 3 AI-Code Generation Tools in 2023

There are AI code generation tools that allow developers to write advanced code without much effort. While the efficacy of most of these AI tools is still under the radar, they can at the minimum help programmers write basic codes for the applications.

Artificial Intelligence uses machine learning and its subset to learn from the database and based on this information make decisions. While the code-generating tools use AI to write codes without much human input. Over the years AI code generation tools are booming and getting better. And in a few cases, AI code-generating tools can work as well as humans or maybe even better. But they are sometimes inaccurate and these tools do have errors. you can also check ai tools.
Here is a list of the top 3 AI Code Generation tools that you must know as a software developer:

  • OpenAI Codex

    OpenAI CodeX is an AI code-generating tool that works on the GPT3 model and has been built to complete programming tasks with ease. OpenAI Codex has been trained on a vast database of how to use code, mainly on public source code. In fact, the tool can also translate the English language into a code. The tool is perfect to speed up and ease out tasks of professional programmers, as well as for beginners who want to learn to program.

  • PolyCoder

    Polycoder is again a popular AI code-generating tool which is based upon the OpenAI GPT2 model. The automatic code-generating tool is trained in different programming languages, It is particularly good at writing codes in C.
    The data from the GitHub repository has been used to train the tool. And mainly on 12 programming languages C, C#, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala, and TypeScript.PolyCoder is considered a competitor to Codex. Mainly it is better in C languages however, in others, CodeX still wins.

  • CodeT5

    CodeT5 is an open-source code-generating tool launched by SalesForce. The tool is based upon Google’s T5 (-to-Text Transfer Transformer) architecture. The tool is designed to understand codes and generate code seamlessly by capturing semantic information from code.
    CodeT5 is pretty good at generating code based on natural language description, and autocompletion of code. It is also good at creating a summary of a function in natural language description.

Final Words. AI to Write Code

Artificial Intelligence is at a booming stage and has a wide array of use cases, due to which its potential is also increasing. Automated code writing is one of the most hyped applications of AI. Having said that, AI can be used in writing code by developers. It will not just help in writing better codes but also increase the efficiency of the programmers. AI can enhance efficiency by reducing coding errors and allowing developers to focus on tasks that need more time and effort. This also means that AI which results in automating tasks for the developers can enhance the quality and productivity in software development. check out the lastest ai trends in 2023.

Significantly in upcoming years, AI will get bigger and better. Also, with AI getting popular in writing codes, it is surely going to be widely accepted and get mainstream in the future. While it comes with a few limitations, primarily inaccuracy, it can surely be useful to programmers in different ways. This means with the potential to learn and get better with time, AI surely has a bright future ahead. Learn about how AI generate image from text.

Not to mention, it will be interesting to see more advancements in this field, how can it get better? And whether AI can write like humans. As of now, it can. But it does require human intervention and manual checks. However, we can expect many improvements in AI for writing code.

What are your opinions on using AI for code generation? Do you think AI can write code like humans or even better? Do let me know in the comments.