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Blockchain development can completely revolutionize the transactions, safe and secure peer-to-peer payments, smooth microtransactions, or even build self-executing smart contracts. Again we put our knowledge and skills into work and provide you with the best blockchain development solutions. Together with, transform your business startups, as well as enterprises, take advantage of blockchain technology the most.

Hire Blockchain Developers

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Why Hire Our Blockchain Development Services ?

As a leading blockchain development Company, we build top quality and highly scalable decentralized applications. Moreover, we help build-up small businesses and enterprises of all sizes to boost performance, get rid of third party intrusions, and lower the cost of development with our decentralized solutions. Also our experienced blockchain developers provide blockchain solutions such as smart contracts, crypto wallets, ICO initialization, and more.

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1) Agile & Adaptive Development

Not to mention our blockchain developers follow a group of agile techniques for different kinds of iterative development. Again the agile methods focus on encouraging repetitive revisions of the tasks to deliver high-quality blockchain products within the given time.

2) Enhanced Coding Standards

Uniquely, the blockchain developers follow industry-specific standards, solutions and practices for blockchain development. Also, our experienced blockchain developers practice strict coding standards to deliver high-quality products with enhanced efficiency.

blockchain development
blockchain developers

3) Experienced Blockchain Developers

In addition hire blockchain developers with experience and knowledge in blockchain protocols. Similarly our blockchain developers have the knowledge, skills and industry experience to deliver highly secure, scalable, and globally accessible solutions. Furthermore, our dexterous blockchain developers have experience in various tools and stacks of technologies and deliver the best outcomes on time. Also we have developed projects based on blockchain for companies far and wide.

Practices We Follow to Deliver Best Blockchain Development Services

Additionally we are a leading reputed blockchain development company with profound knowledge and experience in developing and managing decentralized solutions. Also blockchain continues to bring global solutions. Furthermore we at SofSter continue to be one of the leading blockchain development agencies that serve you with highly skilled blockchain apps customized to your business needs.

1) Test-Driven Development

Uniquely, our blockchain developers follow test-driven development to identify bugs and errors during blockchain development and improve the efficiency and quality of the product. Therefore, the focus is on software testing. As a result, the code quality is improves, and quality gets better.

2) Quality Assurance Standards

In addition our team of blockchain developers are well seasoned and experienced with the leading blockchain frameworks. Uniquely the expert QA engineers have skills in manual, automatic testing, and other quality assurance techniques and processes to ensure the highest coding standards and final product.

3) Code Review

Equally important peer code review is a proven methodology that helps in improving coding quality and saves the time of the developer. Moreover, The code is reviewed by the team systematically, which helps in identifying and fixing the vulnerabilities. Also Time-to-time code review results in fewer bugs, and positive collaboration within the team.

4) Continuous Integration/ Continuous Development

Furthermore Continuous integration is a development practice that allows the developers to integrate the code into a shared repository. Moreover, every check-in is then verified, to identify any problem or issue. While in continuous development the updates are made piece-by-piece, thus the final product is delivered quickly.

Our Blockchain Development Services for your Business Solutions

What type of blockchain development services do we offer? Well, that is up to you. Our seasoned blockchain developers have experience in all kinds of industries including healthcare, real estate, eCommerce, gaming, entertainment and more. We follow white-label blockchain solutions to deliver the highest quality products, improve security, and build transparency across your ecosystem.

Blockchain Security

Blockchain offers robust security using familiar cryptography but with data that cannot be altered. Our experienced blockchain developers help you understand how you can utilize blockchain in your business as a way to secure data and boost the trust among people for the verification process.

Blockchain Wallets

Now you can easily launch an independent blockchain wallet for cryptocurrencies or even integrate a multi-coin blockchain wallet into your ongoing product. Our experienced UI/UX team ensures to build an amazing front-end, while the blockchain development team makes sure it is fully secure.

Smart Contract Development

Our blockchain developers are here to help you build programmed contracts that make the entire business system conflict-free. You can use the smart contract to facilitate verification, control, and execution of the transactions.

Custom Blockchain Development Solution

Whether it is creating decentralized applications or support of private blockchain. Our blockchain developers provide custom blockchain development solutions to help clients make the most of the opportunities that the technology offers.

Crypto – Token Development

Our team of blockchain developers also provide the solution to tokenize digital currency. The token we build can be used to represent the asset values to be traded as cryptocurrencies, and loyalty points, rather than currency.

Decentralized Exchange

Our blockchain development team is experienced and skilled, and guarantees to create foolproof and secure platforms for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It allows the real-time exchange of cryptocurrencies safely, and accurately.


Tokenization helps in eliminating volatility and bringing in a lot of liquidity to different kinds of assets. We are a leading blockchain development company that can help you tokenize different assets as you require. While also ensuring 100% trust, transparency, and efficacy.

Hyperledger Blockchain Development

Make the best use of hyperledger blockchain technology to build scalable, immutable, and well-trusted blockchain-based applications for different kinds of the industry with the highest level of security.

Blockchain DApps Developers

Digital assets like cryptocurrencies and smart contracts are the central part of blockchain decentralized applications. The DApps allow you to store billions of transactions without needing a third party or centralized network.

Ethereum Token Development

Our blockchain development company can help businesses develop Ethereum tokens like ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, and other Ethereum token standards based on the requirement.

ICO Development

Quickly raise funds from possible investors for your blockchain project by easily launching your own ICO website along with admin, fund management portals, and investors.

Blockchain Development Platforms We Mostly Work With

Our blockchain development company utilizes all of the major blockchain and smart contract development platforms to provide you with the best-customized solutions as needed by the business.

blockchain development platform


Hyperledger is an open-source project built to support the development process of blockchain-based digital ledger platforms. It consists of collaborative efforts to develop frameworks, tools, standards, libraries, to build blockchain and related decentralized applications.


Hashgraph is a digital ledger technology that is an alternative to blockchain. It works on a graph-like structure and offers fast, secure, and reliable decentralized applications on a public network.


Ethereum is an open-source decentralized blockchain that comes with smart contract functionality. It allows secure digital transactions, global payments, and decentralized applications.


Tezos is an open-source blockchain that helps in executing P2P transactions and provides a platform to deploy smart contracts.


Stellar is a decentralized protocol for a digital currency for exchanging money or tokens. It allows transactions between any currencies.


A decentralized, open-source blockchain-based operating system with smart contracts and higher transaction speed..


Create and deploy DApps on cryptocurrency EOS. The smart contract platform eliminates the transaction fees and also runs millions of transactions per second.


Ripple products are highly secure and are widely used for payment settlement, asset exchange, and scalable payment solutions.


Corda is an open-source blockchain project designed to help businesses build interoperable blockchain networks that follow stringent guidelines to run transactions.

Blockchain Development Use Cases

Leveraging blockchain technology can help industries transform their core functionalities, and add more security, trackability, transparency, and immutability. Depending upon the nature of the industry, you can customize the blockchain for associated networks. Some popular industries that have completely transformed due to blockchain development services:

blockchain development use cases


Our blockchain development company builds blockchain-powered solutions for health data accession and management, a system for managing medical workflow, secure database management and storing of information. Our blockchain solutions can help tackle manual healthcare-related errors including patient data, and old models of drug design.

Transportation and Logistics

Merging blockchain application development services with smart contracts, and sensors in IoT. Blockchain development services allow transportation companies to enhance their logistics process, comprehensively dispatch, and deliver shipments by utilizing secure blockchain-based solutions.

Real Estate

Blockchain solutions for real estate can help in providing digital security of the real estate assets, which is referred to as tokenization. The tokenized digital assets, the Ethereum blockchain allows secure and compliant transactions and processes like trading, issuance, and easy collaborations on real estate assets and ventures.


The retail industry can make the best use of blockchain development services and assure better quality, reliability, originality, and product safety. Easily build blockchain-driven retail and eCommerce platforms to serve your customers with the best services.


Blockchain technology can be utilized to make voting a more secure, faster, and more reliable solution. The blockchain token-based system is used to manage the voting system. The token is used as a vote and ensures every vote is recorded permanently in the digital ledger. The automated solution is perfect for public and private voting systems.


Blockchain development services provide solutions to parties to decide on an agreement for the state of data, without involvement from third parties or middlemen. Furthermore, blockchain also provides services like – payments, fundraising, loans, credits, and securitization without the need of a bank. It also automates the process through self-executing smart contracts.


The development of blockchain-based games brings in new possibilities not just for gamers but also investors worldwide. Implementing blockchain-based online games provides a secure and fraud-free platform.


Create a secure, and digitally high-level education system for students and universities worldwide. Improve the security of the students and privacy of the documents by replacing the traditional education system through blockchain development.

Why Use Blockchain Development Company?

Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that has completely revolutionized all kinds of industries in the business. As a leading blockchain development company, we offer a wide selection of services that are tailored to meet your business requirements. We cover all of the major industries by providing customized blockchain development solutions.

improved security

1) Improved Security

No doubt blockchain is more secure than other systems where you can keep the records and data. The base structure in the blockchain technology keeps all the transactions encrypted and linked to the previous ones.

2) Inexpensive Transactions

Blockchain technology does not require any middleman or third-party integration, which makes them a cost-effective solution to run transactions. Moreover, no review of technology is needed to continue trading.

inexpensive transactions
higher transparency

3) Higher Transparency

Blockchain technology is a transparent technology as anyone can join the network, view all the previous transactions, and information on the network. All the participants on the network share similar documentation.

4) Boost in Efficiency

Since blockchain is a  ledger technology, it removes the need for a third-party provider, vendor, or middleman for fields like real estate, gaming, gambling, and more, thus offering higher efficiency.

boost in efficiency
individually controll the data

5) Individually Control the Data

Blockchain is the only technology that gives freedom and flexibility to the individual to control the digital data they own. The technology not just protects the data but also allows control of it with blockchain-enable smart contracts.

How Blockchain Works ?

Typically, Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that collects the data in groups, in the form of blocks, which indeed stores the information. Also these blocks have a specific capacity to hold the information, indeed, when the storage capacity is full, they are shut, and links to the preceding block. Moreover this indeed forms a chain of information, known as a blockchain. And through mining, you can generate income and earn cryptos as rewards.

1) The user requests for the transaction

2) So, the transactions represent as blocks.

3) And the members confirm the transactions via agreement.

6) Again a copy updates on the digital ledger.

5) Next blocks add up to the chain representing the blockchain

4) Lastly the user requests for the transaction

Choose from Variety Hiring Models

Hire an Individual

  • Certified Developers
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Quality Assurance
  • Smooth-Workflow
  • Code Reviewed by Seniors with 10+ years of experience
  • Dedicated Resources all of the team working solely on your project from the start till the end

Hire Fully Managed Team

  • Homogenized process
  • Scrum/Agile Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Free No-Obligation Quote
  • Transparency is Guaranteed

Hire a Team

  • Quality Guarantee
  • Small businesses and Start-Ups
  • Agile Team
  • Pay only for Measurable Work
  • Best for Small Business and Start-Ups
  • Transparency is Guaranteed

Our Process of Blockchain development

How Do We Get Things Done?

blockchain working process

1. Brief

Firstly, get project related information from the client and provide theme with related suggestions.

2. Research and Define

Then, look for blockchain feasibility analysis. Next, define the scope of the data, and find out what data is to be public and what needs to be private. Also, find out smart contract needs.

3. Design

Again, designing and planning the blockchain to  implemented and the architecture.

4. Code and Development

In addition, create smart contracts and blockchain set up along with the backend of the product.

5. Testing

Identically, monitor transactions executed on the blockchain, quality assurance and test for any errors or bugs.

6. Deploy

Lastly. deliver the final solution and deploy the product.

Frequently Asked Questions for Blockchain Development

Do you want to know more about our blockchain development company and our services? So, read through our FAQs section for more information.

Why should I invest in Blockchain development company?

Most importantly, blockchain is a groundbreaking decentralized technology that is completely transforming the way businesses process. Therefore, distributed ledger technology is emerging businesses to explore new possibilities and augment business excellence. So, here are some of the reasons why blockchain development can be the best solution for your business or enterprise:

  • Automation
  • High transparency
  • Fast transactions
  • Powerful data security
  • Fewer data storage cost
How much time does it take for a blockchain application to develop?

Firstly, creating a fully functional application based upon blockchain depends upon many factors. Also customized blockchain development solutions can take as much as 4 weeks to 1 week.  Moreover, after the development, we also need 2-6 weeks depending upon the number of pages you require. So, our blockchain developers follow an agile development process which allows us to deliver the product faster than usual.

How can your blockchain development services be helpful?

Our blockchain development services allow:

  • Efficient ecosystem
  • 100% transparent
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
Why should I choose the SofSter blockchain development agency?

You can choose our agency for blockchain development services as we offer a wide selection of services in various industries. Moreover, we have more than ten years of development experience in the market. So, we have a team of experienced blockchain developers who strive to provide the best solutions. So, if you are looking for the best blockchain development company then SofSter is the right solution for you.

Can I hire my blockchain development team?

Yes, you can hire the blockchain development team based on your project requirement. Also,you can choose as needed, the team will work entirely on your project.

How much does a blockchain development project cost?

The cost of blockchain development services depends upon various factors – complexity of the application, the stakeholders involved with the app, industry compliances, the type of hiring model you choose, and so on. So, it is better to get a free quote depending upon the services you need.

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