Paid-Search Advertising

Paid-Search Advertising

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Why Get Our Paid Search Advertising Services?

SofSter is a leading Pay Per Click management company that specializes in providing paid campaigns to reach out to existing and new customers. We help your business grow by transforming potential leads into successful conversions. Our experienced team focuses on research and choosing the best keywords to target your business and provide PPC services that are result-oriented and measurable.


Dedicated Team Experienced in PPC Campaigns

We have an experienced and skilled team of PPC Consultants who smartly manage target PPC campaigns, Google ads, other paid search advertising, and retargeting. We are a leading Pay Per Click company that can help you generate high ROI. The PPC experts will manage bids, choose the right keywords, track conversions, and make necessary changes in the ads.


Cost-Efficient PPC Solutions

Lead generation is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Pay Per Click and Google Ads are cost-effective Paid Search Advertising methods to generate leads. As a top PPC company we focus on generating potential leads through Google Adwords, Local Business listing, geotargeting, remarketing and so on in the most affordable way.


Measurable Results & Reporting

Our express strategies, deploy and manage data-driven Paid Social advertising campaigns. Our PPC services make use of standard tools along with Google Analytics to measure the results. Over the last decade, we have successfully built  businesses, improved their incremental gains and ROI.

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Best Practices We Use to Deliver PPC Services

As a Pay Per Click Management Company we help small businesses, start-ups, and all kinds of businesses get a chance to be listed on the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others along with social media platforms like Facebook and more. Our PPC services use best practices to generate more ROI, by getting your brand more visibility through successful ads and campaigns.

Keyword & Market Research

Our PPC consultants are here to help you streamline your pay-per-click objective and target a specific audience. The team will then focus on preparing an effective strategy to help your business achieve profitable results when it comes to traffic and an affordable CPC plan.

Website SEO Audit

Our PPC services focus on rigorous testing to refine out the most competitive keywords for your business. The keywords are smartly used in the ads to attract more traffic and drive better engagement.

database development

We have a team of experienced and well-versed content writers who work on the content for Ads so that it is relevant, readable, and catchy for the audience. This is an important practice. We have a separate team member assigned to do each task which ensures optimal CTR.

On page SEO

Through our PPC services, we can help you reach potential and existing customers through the Google Display network. The display network allows you to engage with customers even when they are browsing on the internet, reading blogs, or catching up on social media. Our team makes sure the ads are displayed on relevant platforms through banner ads, rich media, and mobile ads.

Website Link Building

We carry continuous analysis and in-depth checks on the ad performance of the campaign for your business. As a result, you are always aware of the cost per lead, cost per click, cost per customer acquisition, through a measurable ROI. We make sure our clients say in the loop with our reporting and dedicated communication by the team.


We understand the potential of remarketing, our PPC services focus on targeted ads to people who have already visited your website or have taken necessary actions. Our re-marketing techniques focus on transforming potential customers into loyal buyers.

Paid Search Advertising Services

Explore Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Advertising is the most popular way of PPC, where the advertisers pay a certain fee, every time an ad gets clicked. As a leading PPC company, we combine technical expertise and marketing know-how to enhance Click-Through Rates and hack Cost Per Click. Pay Per Click services can help you get faster results, as PPC ads can be put up instantly and have a more targeted approach.

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Pay-Per-Click services are one of the best ways to generate more leads and get more clicks. Besides, you can have complete control of Paid advertisement budget and audience as well. You get to decide how much you want to pay and who should see your ads.

  • Keyword Research
  • Account Set-Up
  • Ad Creation/Campaign Launch
  • Campaign Assessment & Feedback
link building

Google Adword Management

Google Adwords has a greater reach and exposure, thus giving faster results. As a leading Google Ads agency, we help you set up Google ads campaigns and even manage existing campaigns. We provide result-driven PPC services both practical and measurable.
  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • Campaign Set-Up
  • Negative Keyword Management
  • Monitoring & Reporting
ecommerce seo

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is paid search advertising where advertisers pay popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Search engine campaigns have higher conversion rates as we target the user’s search intent.
  • SEM Keyword Research
  • Conversion Analysis
  • Campaign Set-Up
  • Campaign Management

Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are an effective way to catch the eye of potential audiences, generate leads, improve sales, and raise brand awareness. We are a PPC marketing company that focuses on displaying ads to the target audience list based upon demographics, interests, relevancy, and the topic they are searching for.
  • Choose Ad Placement Keywords
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Run Campaign & Track Performance
  • Re-Target Potential Audience


Why Do You Need Paid Search Advertising?

Paid Search Advertising is one of the most effective and fastest marketing techniques, especially if you are a small business. Paid Search Advertising focuses on driving relevant traffic to your website from search engines. Due to the complexity involved in Paid Ads, relying on the top PPC agency like ours is the ideal solution.


PPC Ads Gets Faster Results

SEO takes time, however, PPC is more targeted and generates faster traffic from the search engines to your site. Thus, Paid Advertising along with continuous SEO efforts can pay you well.


Offers Measurable Results

One of the best things about PPC is that it provides quantifiable results. You can measure the results of your Google Adwords, or Paid Search Advertising campaign results in the form of clicks, CPCs, and sales generated from these clicks.


Improves Brand Recognition

PPC Ads on Google and other search engines can help brands improve awareness with time. The more often your targeted audience searches for related keywords, the more likely they are to get familiar with your brand name and website. 


Great for Local Search

As a small business, you need to target consumers that are geographically closer to you. Significantly Paid Search Advertising is ideal for targeting local search traffic. Thus the chances of conversions are higher.


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Frequently Asked Questions for Paid Search Advertising

Need to know more about our PPC services? Do you have more queries? Check out our FAQs section for more details.

Pay Per Click is one of the most effective ways of getting top ranking on the search engines. The advertiser pays the publisher fee each time the ad gets clicks by potential customers. . Since almost every popular social media platform has adopted this way of advertisement to generate more revenue, investing in PPC can prove to be highly beneficial for businesses if done right.

Pay Per Click is a popular digital marketing service that allows search engines to display ads on the search engine page results. The Pay Per Click- as the name suggests works on the model where you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, thus it is a more targeted approach to get more clicks, traffic, and attract potential buyers.

Google Search Ads is one of the best ways to generate more leads. Also, running effective ad campaigns can be beneficial in capturing more leads. You need to have a good website or landing page where users click on your ads and contact you. Get in touch with our PPC experts or hire our PPC services for the best results.

We have an experienced team of digital marketers who are experts in PPC. We keep updated with Google updates and internal evaluations for our professional growth and skill development. As a result, we imply best practices to run a Google Ads agency that delivers measurable results. We have an impressive track record of working with the best brands and businesses in the industry. We can also help start-ups and small businesses with advice and suggestions that get them more clicks and better conversions.

Here are some of the ways we can display Google ads:

  • Search– We can work on Google Search ads that show up on the search engine for a keyword that the advertiser bids on. 
  • Display- Google Display ads show up on Google Display Network like websites, articles, and forums. The display ads are the banner ads that appear on the website to the targeted users.
  • Video- Video ads are the ones that target the second most popular search engine YouTube, sites, and smartphone apps.

Unlike SEO, PPC services or Adwords show faster results through targeted traffic to the site or with ads within just a few hours after the Google ad campaign runs. Google ads data is also continuous instead of weekly, monthly reporting. So you can continuously track the performance of the ad campaign and make improvements as needed.

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