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Why Get Our Email Marketing Services?

We as an email marketing agency can help you build effective email marketing strategies and campaigns that get you more clicks, and better conversions. Our specialized email marketing consultants ensure that the services align with your business goals, and target the right audience for maximum conversions.


Experienced Email Marketing Team

Our email marketing agency is one of the best in offering a wide-array suite of email marketing services. Whether you only need an email marketing service or a combination of email marketing solutions, we’ve got it all covered with our team who are well-seasoned and expert in providing the best Email Marketing services.


Results-Oriented Segmentation

We understand that email marketing agency solutions depend upon the client’s business requirements, demands, and target audience. Our experts perform in-depth research and leverage advanced email marketing tools to ensure results are delivered to the right recipients.


Detailed Email Marketing Reports

We set up detailed email marketing campaigns that are customized for your business needs. Our email marketing consultant makes sure to provide you with accurate reports so that you know exactly what is going on.

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Practices We Stick to Deliver Best Email Marketing Solutions

SofSter is one of the top email marketing agencies that brings to you the most reliable and competent solutions. We have both the proficiency and tools to ensure our email marketing solutions line up with your business needs. We also streamline best practices and tools to help you efficiently create lists, design newsletters, and accurately track opens and clicks.

We have an expert team to provide a wide array of email marketing solutions to provide quality and highly targeted emails and newsletters that cater to the right audience. We make sure to design fresh and creative email designs.

schedule messaging

This practice lets you send emails across even when you are unavailable. We help you schedule your email campaign and send it to your recipients even when you are not within easy reach. Simply schedule the date and time, and the email is instantly delivered to your subscribers.

track email campaigns

If you are investing your time and money in us, we must be transparent with the results. Hence, we make sure to track and deliver real-time results as soon as we are up with the campaign.

best tools in the industry

 As a leading email marketing agency, we are continuously working to ensure excellent results from our email marketing campaigns. In doing so we make use of the best tools like Mautic, Mailchimp and others.

email marketing experts

Our team has years of experience in using email platforms and executing powerful campaigns. We are constantly looking for the best email marketing techniques, digital platforms, and email marketing strategies to offer you the best email marketing solutions in an affordable way to fit all of your business needs.

Email Marketing Services

Explore Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective solutions to build strong connections with your existing customers, reach out to prospective leads, and even continue relations with your prolonged customers. As an email marketing services company, we bring to you the best and most effective email marketing solutions that can get your click and a plethora of other benefits.
build relations

Build Relations

Email marketing solutions are the most effective way of building relations with your customers. It also helps in improving the referrals and conversion rates.

more clicks

More Clicks

Effectively convert your audience to leads, and turn them into frequent visitors to your website through compelling call-to-action.
more engagements

More Engagement

With the right email marketing solutions you can keep your clients coming back to your site with regular effective email campaigns that make users click, read, and take action.
test email campaigns

Test Email Campaigns

Online email marketing can be used to test email campaigns, to improvise your marketing strategy. This helps to drive more engagement with your email campaigns through our valuable insights.


Why Do You Need Email Marketing for Your Business?

A smart catchy subject line can put your business in the forefront by getting you more clicks, and a powerful, and visually creative emailer can lead you through more customers. Email marketing when leveraged properly can have a tremendous impact on your business, which drives you closer to driving more conversions.


Build Customer Loyalty

Building strong customer relationships requires timely brand interactions and regular email marketing interactions with the customers. It helps in generating brand loyalty while also driving sales.


Expand Your Business Reach

Email campaigns do have better outreach and the potential to drive more engagement. An experienced email marketing consultant can help you reach your target audiences.


Track Your Analytics

Data and analytics provided by email marketing solutions give valuable insights into the performance of your targeted email marketing efforts and deployed campaigns.


Save Time and Effort

Email marketing services for small businesses, and multi-location firms are significantly cost-effective. Targeted email marketing allows you to communicate and engage with your ideal audience.


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Frequently Asked Questions for Email Marketing Services

Want to know more about our email marketing agency or have any doubts? Make sure to go through our FAQs section here.

Still have a questions

Creating a powerful email building strategy depends on the type of business you want to promote. However, there are three major steps that you can align in an effective email marketing campaign:

  • In the first step, you need to figure out your email marketing goals. Are you using the email marketing campaign to retain customers? Is it because you want to convert leads into customers? Find out the significance and subjective aspects.
  • Next, you need to make sure the email marketing campaign aligns with the digital marketing strategy of your business. 
  • Lastly, keep a track of your campaign and always keep room for improvements. 

Yes, email marketing is still an effective solution to improve the reach of customers. Especially when it comes to email marketing services for small businesses it can help in building strong relationships with the customers and build uniqueness for your brand.

Email marketing campaigns can definitely help improve the sales of your brand, provided you can persuade the audience towards investing in your brand or business. Try to connect emotionally with the customers, or try resolving their problems

Here are a few reasons why you need to choose our company for email marketing campaigns:

  • We have more than a decade of experience in running successful email marketing campaigns for all kinds of businesses.
  • Our agency provides affordable email marketing solutions. 
  • Our email marketing consultant mainly focuses on better conversions. 
  • We have a long list of satisfied clients whom we help grow from scratch.
  • Last but not least we make sure to use the best email marketing tools and software in the market.

Sending an email once a month allows you to get noticed by the recipient. While twice or thrice helps in building a connection (provided they are showing interest in your business or brand). The number of emails you send depends on what type of email it is, and what is your intent. Just do not sound desperate simply to sell something. 

The number of emails you send varies from business to business, and you need to analyze first what works best for you.

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